Keyto revolutionizing the ventilator industry during the COVID-19

With the announcement by WHO that the COVID-19 no longer constitutes a "public health emergency of international concern", the epidemic has gradually normalized, increasing our attention to the elderly and people with basic diseases, and the demand for medical equipment such as ventilators and oxygen generators has risen. Due to the high technical difficulties and long manufacturing cycles of ventilators, changes in demand will pose challenges to the entire supply system. As a core component manufacturer in the field of IVD and life science, Keyto is aware that the ventilator is a "lifesaver" for severe respiratory patients.


At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan, disrupting the original order of the medical industry. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, the proportional valve was only used in niche products. Keyto has accumulated technology but has not yet been planned for product development. Faced with sudden changed, Keyto Chairman Mr.Zhang announced the establishment of the "ventilator proportional valve" project and appointed himself as the manager. For a whole month, the company has been working together to ensure the highest efficiency in all material supply and inspection, and our efforts have not fallen short of those who are willing. The first high-precision proportional valve in China has been successfully launched and pushed into mass production.


Nowadays, the demand for ventilators is still large, and based on previous experience, Keyto has rapidly laid out the production of proportional valves in a tight and orderly manner, ensuring high-quality specifications.  Keyto is responsible for the supply of ventilators at every shift.


As a leading enterprise in the field of precision microfluidic control in China, Keyto has once again demonstrated through actions to increase investment in proportional valves and upgrade production capacity. Helping ventilator manufacturers accelerate the process of patient treatment and become a strong support in the supply chain of ventilators. Keyto. Innovation towards future.