At Keyto Fluid Control, our team of engineers is dedicated to crafting components that drive innovation and enhance fluidic systems. We specialize in designing and manufacturing precise fluid subassemblies and parts tailored for a wide range of applications demanding advanced fluid ontrol and measurement. Our expertise lies in seamlessly coordinating these components, resulting in imaginative and improved OEM fluidic frameworks that surpass expectations.
Keyto fluid is a main worldwide provider of fluid and motion control items for IVD and applied markets. Our high-level and imaginative fluid control systems improve the consistency and cycle security of your work processes, bringing about better quality, and more dependable information. Keyto fluid have a wide range of products, like different types fluid control solenoid valve, micro pumps, syringe pumps, and liquid handling robotic systems, etc.
A leading company produces key electrical and mechanical components for microfluid system controls.

Shenzhen Keyto Fluid Co., Ltd. is a leading fluid control ltd in the liquid vital components of domestic medical devices. We have long focused on the R & D, innovation and manufacturing of high-end precision fluid control components and fluid flow control system. For example, the proportional valve of the ventilator is one of the technological breakthroughs during COVID-19.

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