Keyto fluid flow control products are China's pioneer in micro fluids, bringing created advanced machining technologies with our fluid control components, people, and engineers. Innovation towards the future.

Normally, fluid flow control is the use of various control elements of fluid (various pumps, valves, cylinders) and hydraulic system accessories (filters, pipeline joints, level meters, pressure instruments, etc.) to form a control closed circuit for automatic control.

Keyto, as a professional flow control company, focuses on micro fluid control components like micro solenoid valve, miniature diaphragm pump, precision piston pump, programmable syringe pump, air displacement pipette, small flow bonded manifold, and microfluidic.

Widely used in IVD, medical equipment, labware and so on. They can run through different work processes of the terminal. Regularly like sampling, dilutions, reaction and cleaning.

Flow Control Valve Types

Dedicated Fluid Control Products Manufacturer

Cutting-edge Technology

We have a reinforced machining facility with dozens of qualified machining equipment, which delivers high accuracy and critical child parts for Keyto products to guarantee the part performance and quality.

Strict Standard Operating Procedure

A comprehensive and cross-functional fluid level control system linked and processed operating company, which reduces human faults and improves the managing efficiency, then ensures the quality and flow control valve cost competitiveness for end customers.   

High-quality Control Policy

With a more significant number of quality control colleagues, we take the no matter income, process, or outcome quality control seriously. A complete and Controllable technological process is the solid foundation of every good quality Keyto product.


Keyto's Fluid Control Products Affecting Life and Work

  • Regarding life

    1. Automatic flow control reduce the error rate, and increased safety and reliability.

    2. Current flow control help to avoid cross-contamination of the samples and eliminates the risk of carryover.

    3.Precision flow control instruments are low tolerance, high precision and accuracy.

    4. More compact structure and design make the small water flow control valve available and more portable.

  • Regarding work

    1. Reduced manual operation, fatigue-free, maintaining full control over the whole fluid level control system.

    2. Flow control technologies, more effective, additional operating modes, and programming to make work much easier and faster. 

Keyto provides high-quality fluid control products & solutions for you!
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