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About Us

Who are we?

Keyto is a hi-tech company in China that is a pioneer in microfluid control components. Keyto was founded in 2010. We are not only the leading brand in domestic but also a global company face to partners all over the world.

Our primary product is liquid handling components, micro solenoid valves, precision dispense pumps, micro diaphragm pumps, programmable syringe pumps, bonded manifolds, fluid control solutions, and so on. Keyto products are widely used in advanced microfluid control and analysis areas, with high reliable product design and meticulous quality control.

We have over ten years of experience in the application of IVD, medical, chemical analysis, laboratory automatic, and environmental protection.

Keyto Global Mission Statement: Our mission is to actively collaborate and engage in the global life sciences market, fostering meaningful partnerships and contributing to advancements in the field.

We are inspired by worldwide scientists who solve complex problems and innovate advanced diagnostics and analysis. We want to work together and involve in the global sciences market.

Keyto has two subsidiaries. One is Keyto Precision Technology Co., LTD. (focus on super precision special machining), and the other is Chengdu Keyto Medical System Technology Co., LTD., (focus on Medical imaging and fluid system integration)

Other agencies and sales offices were subsequently set up in Nanjing, Beijing, Shandong, India, and the EU.

Keyto History

Keyto Company History of 2010

Keyto was established with the Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration's approval in November 2010. Keyto focused on the development and research of microfluidic control products.

Keyto Company History of 2012

Keyto officially used the clean assembly workshop and successfully established the modern enterprise production management mode in May.

Keyto Company History of 2013

Keyto passed the ISO9001 system quality certification. The whole series of products through CE, ROHS certification. At the same time, we were favored by venture capital, and the first round of financing was completed, which provided a strong impetus for the company's sustainable department.

In November, we won the "Entrepreneurship Star" championship in Nanshan, Shenzhen.

Keyto Company History of 2014

The headquarter moved to the Nanshan district, and Keyto formally established the machining center. We won the title of national "High-Tech Enterprise" in Nov 2014.

Completed the second round of venture capital financing in March.

Keyto Company History of 2015

Keyto achieved annual sales doubled and maintained a high growth rate.

Own more than 20 national patents with completely independent intellectual property rights.

Keyto Company History of 2016

Several high-end precision productions and testing equipment were purchased to further guarantee product consistency and reliability in July 2016.

Keyto Company History of 2017

Keyto reached a new stage. Headquarters, machining center, and manufacturing plant merged with a single office building—cooperation with a number of well-known international enterprises.

Keyto Company History of 2018

Sales reached 100 million for the first time.

Keyto Company History of 2019

Keyto has applied for trademark registration in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union and has been accepted.

Keyto Company History of 2020

Completed the C round of financing of 60 million yuan at the valuation of 1 billion yuan and introduced strategic investment institutions Shenzhen High-tech Investment, Saifu, and Qianhai Great Wall Fund.

Keyto successfully developed the ventilator proportional valve in July 2020.

Keyto Company History of 2021

Keyto completed new factory decoration, and the company moved to Baoan District Fuhai street.

We have become the third batch of "Small Giant" enterprise list member enterprises: specialization, refinement, differentiation, and innovation.

Keyto Company History of 2022

Passed ISO13485 medical device system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification. Microtechnology Moulding Company was officially operated to achieve
technological breakthrough in precision injection moulded parts, such as microfluidic chips.

Keyto Culture

Keyto Culture

Fluid Control Products Company Keyto's Company Culture Keep Innovation and Non-Accountability
Keep Innovation, Non-Accountability

Since its inception, Keyto has always encouraged a culture of non-accountability, providing an atmosphere and conditions for bold innovation and trying new things. We make sure that when anyone has an idea, they dare to implement it. Build up the culture of not being afraid of mistakes and taking action first.

Fluid Control Products Company Keyto's Company Culture Value Sharing
Value Sharing

We pay attention to knowledge sharing within the team and career training. Since joining Keyto, there will be one-to-one tutors to help the young generation grow, share knowledge, and pass on technology. We keep a consensus that communicates with the best transparency in Keyto. Let Keyto become a big family of help and grow each other.

Fluid Control Products Company Keyto's Company Culture Down-to-Earth Style
Down-to-Earth Style

In Keyto, no matter what position you hold, you must understand the work at the grassroots. Leaders should be able to do the job in front-line production and do better than subordinates. Only by handling the details adequately can one have long-term development.

Fluid Control Products Company Keyto's Company Culture Industry Oriented
Industry Oriented

Keyto's philosophy is "Fight For Human Health And Safety, Environment Beauty And Comfort." What we produce is not profit-oriented but industry-oriented. We will contribute at a critical time to human health safety, health reform, environmental protection, and scientific progress.

Keyto Advantages

Keyto Advantages

  • 1

    An advanced engineering driven enterprise with 120+ engineers, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software engineering, which support Keyto development capability from single component to small system and offer customers value added smart solutions.

  • 2

    An cutting-edge in-house machining reinforced facility with dozens of qualified machining equipment, which delivered high accuracy and key child parts for Keyto products to guarantee the part performance and quality.

  • 3

    An comprehensive and cross-functional computer system linked and processed operating company, which reduce the human faults and improve the managing efficiency, then make sure the quality and cost competitiveness for end customers.

Keyto Team

Keyto Team

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What Can We Provide?
  • Patient Enough | Perseverance

    We will give complete patience and cooperation no matter what type of partners we face. 100% value and support is the most respect for our customers. Among the customers who cooperate with Keyto, some projects have lasted for seven or eight years. Nevertheless, we still keep experimenting and testing. We believe that perseverance is also our greatest sincerity to our partners.

  • Farsighted | Foresight

    Keyto loves challenges. In-depth understanding of your application. There is a good saying circulating in the microfluid industry that Keyto will accept projects that no one can or is willing to accept. Not only take over the impossible tasks but also be willing to invest a lot in the early stage of R & D. This is rare in the industry. So why are we willing to take on projects no one can do? Because we have an advanced evaluation system and an attitude of excellence. 

    In addition, we maintain high sensitivity and foresight to the market. We will consider the industry's cutting-edge technology in every project and lay it out in advance for our partner to help your business lead.

  • Top Strength

    Keyto has China's top microfluidic control technology. We design and verify solutions for our partners. Meet your business needs with a completely matching attitude and conditions. With the highest quality standards we take, the Keyto Quality Control team ensures superior and reliable product performance and makes sure our products exceed your expectations.

What Kind of Partnership Are We Looking for?
  • Innovative and understanding

    Keyto's partnership will be innovative, rigorous, and deep. To keep a long-term and stable block, our experts must deeply understand various IVD and life science research applications, which enables us to find the right solution to match your application.

  • Cutting-edge

    We welcome all partners who pursue advanced technology. Explore together, research and develop together, and create value together.

  • Trust and Honest

    Building close collaborations with our partners is key. "100% value and support" – this is our customer promise to which we are committed.

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Our commitment

Keyto supports the sustainability of the healthcare system by leveraging its core strengths and capabilities to address local unmet medical needs while mitigating climate change. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive organization that helps address key societal challenges, thereby creating value for society.

Employee care

Keyto is committed to creating an exceptional employee experience and building a diverse and inclusive organization, always prioritizing the health, welfare and career development of its employees.

  • Employees' birthday

  • Outdoor league building

  • Holiday welfare

  • Comfortable housing

Harmonious co-existence of people and environment

  • Voluntary tree-planting campaign

  • Public donation

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