50XX series Syringe pump is a piston pump with high precision independently developed by Keyto. The primary function of this piston pumps for sale is to achieve precision sampling and reagent distribution. The piston water pump for sale has high precision and accuracy of liquid aspirate and dispenses, and the service life of this piston pumps for sale can reach more than 5 million times. This medical piston pump for sale is a high-performance, low-cost, maintenance-free piston pump. Keyto piston pump for sale has been widely used in medical devices and laboratory analytical instruments.

Syringe Pump And Piston Pump Types

Piston Pumps 5001/5010/5003/5005
Piston Pumps 5001/5010/5003/5005
Keyto piston pumps for sale has many types, displacement, materials, and structure. Please open your requirements, and we will provide you with the most suitable solution.
Piston Pump Price
Multi Channel Syringe Pump Assembly
Multi Channel Syringe Pump Assembly
Multi Channel Syringe Pump Assembly developed by Keyto based on pneumatic pipetting technology for automatically aspirating and dispensing with different sizes of disposable tips. Programmable syringe pumps are especially suitable for use in highly integrated automation equipment.
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Glass Syringes
Glass Syringes
As a professional syringe pump supplier, Keyto's glass syringe series can provide a total of 7 specifications and capacities of 50uL~5mL. In addition, it has exceptionally high and stable quantitative liquid suction and discharges accuracy in the life cycle.
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Ceramics Syringes
Ceramics Syringes
The ceramic syringe is made of ceramic materials, mainly suitable for precision quantitative, liquid suction and drainage, and other high-precision requirements. As a technical syringe pumps supplier, we shall use high precision syringe pump in conjunction with the transmission structure.
Ceramics Syringes

Advantages Of Piston Pump For Sale

The advantages of piston pumps for sale are as follows:

1. Our piston  pump for sale has wide range of flow, nominal dispense volum 50ul~20ml;

2. The piston pumps for sale has long service life, the piston pump lifetime can reach 5 million times, and the glass medical piston pump lifetime up to 500,000 times;

3. Our piston pump types are high temperature resistance, can be used in a relatively high temperature environment;

4. As a professional piston pumps manufacturer, multiple materials for option, including ceramics syringes and custom glass syringe,ensuring chemical compatibility;

5. Our piston pumps for sale has different sealing structure to suit different working conditions

6. As a techniacal piston pump supplier, the piston  pump for sale is small size, easy installation and easy maintenance.

Advantages Of Piston Pump For Sale

Syringe Pump And Infusion Pump

Understanding the Distinctions Between Keyto Syringe Pumps and Infusion Pumps

Keyto syringe pump for sale is for laboratory instruments or precision liquid transfer link, not for clinical.

  • Infusion pumps -- Clinical IV therapy

Infusion pumps are important tools for delivering fluids and medication to patients who require IV therapy. They provide a precise and controlled method of drug delivery, allowing healthcare providers to adjust the dosage and rate of medication based on the patient's condition and response to treatment.

  • Keyto syringe pumps -- IVD devices component

Keyto's programmable OEM syringe pump is a specific model of programmable syringe pump that is designed and manufactured by Keyto Fluid Control technology Co., Ltd. Keyto high precision syringe pump is a precision fluid delivery device that is commonly used in laboratory, medical, and industrial applications.

Some of the key features of Keyto's programmable syringe pumps include:

  • High precision and accuracy: The high precision syringe pump is designed to deliver fluids with high precision and accuracy, typically with an error of less than 1%.

  • Programmable delivery rates: The micro syringe pump can be programmed to deliver fluids at specific flow rates, which can be adjusted over a wide range.

  • Multiple operating modes: The programmable syringe pump can be operated in several different modes, including continuous flow, infusion, withdrawal, and dilution.

  • Wide range of syringe sizes: The syringe pump for sale can accommodate a wide range of syringe sizes, from microliter-sized syringes to larger syringes up to 60 ml in volume.

  • Easy-to-use interface: The pump features an intuitive user interface that allows for easy programming and operation.

Compared to infusion pumps, programmable syringe pump like Keyto's model are typically better suited for applications that require the delivery of small, precise volumes of fluid over a shorter period of time, such as in IVD, laboratory or medical settings. They are often used in applications such as chemical analysis, drug discovery, and analysis.

FAQs of Automated Syringe Pump / Piston Pumps For Sale

  • What are syringe sizes?

    Keyto syringe support dispenses volume from 50ul to 10ml. The overall dimension from 18*20*120 to 28*29*129. There will be eight options at least.

  • How do you calculate flow rate in a syringe pump?

    Lead generally refers to the axial distance between adjacent corresponding points on the same helix in the thread or worm.

    The lead of the automated syringe pump can control the flow and help to calculate the flow.

  • What are piston pumps used for?

    Piston pump is mainly for microfluidic precision sampling and reagent dispensing. The piston pumps for sale offer liquid aspiration and dispense with high precision and accuracy. The application areas of piston pump for sale cover IVD, medical testing and therapy, analytical chemistry, environmental monitoring, bioengineering and other applications.

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