The programmable syringe pump is a precision dispensing component developed by Keyto, with the primary function of accurate dosing and switching between different liquid channels. The programmable infusion pump integrates a glass tube syringe and a rotary cut valve with its control module, which provides high precision and accuracy of aspiration and discharge. The programmable infusion pump is a highly integrated, compact, and flexible precision spiking system.

Programmable Syringe Pumps Types

Programmable Syringe Pump 5A33/5A66
Programmable Syringe Pump 5A33/5A66
This programmable infusion pump is a precision sampling component R&D by Keyto. Integrated glass syringe and rotary valve, also with control PCB. Programmable infusion pump has 30 Travel Distance, 60 Travel Distance to optional.
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Programmable Syringe Pumps Working Principle

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    Programmable syringe pump basically contains a PCBA, a stepper motor driven transmision, one syring, one rotoary valve head and a housing. 

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    The PCBA of programmable infusion pump will control each stepper motor to control the syringe to achieve different regent pumping flow and to control the rotary valve to change the flow path direction.

What is The Difference Between Infusion Pump and Syringe Pump?

The differences between infusion pump and syringe pump are as follows:

First of all, infusion pump is generally called volume pump, the main purpose is to replace the traditional gravity bottle infusion, to achieve the purpose of more accurate and safer drug delivery.

Injection pump is also known as microinfusion pump, from the name can be roughly seen, injection pump is the main purpose of the volume of infusion pump in the microprescription surface of a supplement. Because, microinfusion pump (also known as syringe pump) in small doses compared with the general volume infusion pump for a higher accuracy.

Second, compared with syringe pump, infusion pump has the advantages of larger capacity, wider flow rate range, fewer restrictions on liquid types, cheaper consumables, low drug concentration and less irritation, and easier to achieve needle running alarm and infusion heating functions.

Third, compared with the infusion pump, the advantages of the syringe pump are: the small volume of drug delivery accuracy is higher, the dispensing capacity is more flexible, it is easier to solve the table placement, the flow rate pulsation is smaller, etc

What is The Difference Between Infusion Pump and Syringe Pump?

Programmable Syringe Pumps FAQs

  • What is the purpose of programmable syringe pumps?

    This precision programmable syringe pump is developed by Keyto and its main function is to achieve precision sampling and reagent dispensing. The programmable syringe pump has a  high precision and accuracy of liquid aspiration and dispensing. Programmable infusion pump has been widely used in the field of medical devices and laboratory analytical instruments.

  • What are the three steps in loading the programmable syringe pump?

    1. Connect regent and  programmable syringe pump with tube/connectors.

    2. Turn on the power switch

    3. Connect communication of your programmable infusion pump with the PCBA.

  • Why do we need a programmable infusion pump?

    1.Programmable infusion pump is high precision, can be reached 1%, support various specifications of syringes volume, ranging from 100ul-10ml volume;

    2.Multiple media can enter the programmable syringe at the same time, without cross contamination;

    3.Programmable syringe  pump is piston structure, zero dead volume;

    4.High degree of integration, small volume, more space saving than the traditional component valve;

    5.Glass syringe and rotary valve are integrated, users can select and switch the liquid channel according to different application scenarios;

    6.With programmable syringe pumps, users can save development time, improve the progress of product development, users according to the needs, input the corresponding instructions, can realize the corresponding function.

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