Solenoid Valve Manifold combines many valves with multiple inlet-one or one inlet-multiple outlet. It can control each valve individually—the medium, including water, air, organic solutions, solid acids, bases, etc. The solenoid valve manifold is highly integrated, compact, lightweight, easy to install, and suitable for multi-reagent sampling. Also, the manifold can be customized to suit the customer's flow path requirements.

Types of Solenoid Valve Manifold/ Valve Group

Solenoid Manifold Collections
Solenoid Manifold Collections
Heterotypic valve manifold, single-row valve manifold, and double-row valve manifold, these three types of Valve Group Collections are made from Keyto.
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Applications of Solenoid Valve Manifold

  • 1

    Oil and gas.

  • 2

    Chemical industry.

  • 3

    Power industry.

  • 4


  • 5

    Steel industry.

  • 6

    Pulp and paper industry.

Specialist Available Options of Solenoid Valve Manifold

Specialist available options of solenoid valve manifold are as follows:

 Its mainly function is to switch on and switch off the liquid, which integrated many valves on one manifold to achieve liquid controlled, it can be customized with different number of ports and they are suitable for different reagents in different condition.

1.Solenoid valve manifold can be customized with different number of ports, arrangement method and mounting ports according to customers’ requirement.

2.Multi-liquid channel integration, can reduce the cost of pipe consumables;

3.Each valve can be controlled separately to facilitate the control of the liquid route;

4.A variety of media can enter the valve body, improve liquid efficiency;

5.It's a high precision, low cost, easy maintenance of the best solution.

Specialist Available Options of Solenoid Valve Manifold
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