Keyto proportional valve is a microvalve developed by the medical industry, IVD, or laboratory to control the fluid proportion, especially suitable for proportional control in medical ventilators or fluid control in ventilation systems, like oxygenerator, reservoirs, anesthesia delivery & monitors, pressure and flow control, mass flow controller.

Types of Miniature Proportional Valves

PV01 Series Proportional Valve
PV01 Series Proportional Valve
The PV01 micro flow proportional valve is a small diameter product series of Keyto's proportional valve. With a 0.08mm internal flow path. The valve can be used for precise flow control from 0 to 650 ml/min at 1.0 MPa operating pressure, making it suitable for scenarios where precise control of micro flow is required.
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PV02 Series Proportional Valve
PV02 Series Proportional Valve
The PV02 series proportional valve is a small diameter series in Keyto's proportional valve . With a range of flow paths from 0.15 mm to 1.6 mm. The valve is suitable for precise flow control.
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PV03 Series Proportional Valve
PV03 Series Proportional Valve
As one of our high precision proportional valves, PV03 series play an important role in ventilator. With a range of flow paths from 2.3mm to 4.5mm in the spool and a maximum flow rate of 180L/min...
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Features of Miniature Proportional Valve

  • 01

    Precise control of a wide range of flow rates

  • 02

    Maximum working pressure up to 1.0MPa for a wide range of operating conditions

  • 03

    Accurate and stable flow control for a wide range of media

  • 04

    Stable and reliable, long lifetime

Applications of Miniature Proportional Valve

The applications of miniature proportional valve is as follow:

Keyto micro proportional valve is mainly used in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, respirator, oxygen generator/storage tank, anesthetic gas transmission and monitoring, pressure and flow control, mass flow control and other equipment. Our proportional valves are innovative solutions that help healthcare equipment manufacturers succeed.

Applications of Miniature Proportional Valve

FAQs of Miniature Proportional Valves

  • How proportional solenoid valve works?

    A proportional valve adjusts output pressure or flow in proportion to input pressure or flow, for instance, if the input doubles, the output will likewise double. It is possible to link proportional valves so that the output from one serves as the input for another.

  • What is a proportional valve used for?

    These valves are used in applications where high resolution, high volume flow, and low hysteresis is needed;

    Used in hydraulic systems;

    Earthmoving machines;


    Machine tools and paper production.

  • How do you select a proportional valve?

    Proportional control valve is a kind of electric signal input continuous, proportional control hydraulic system flow, pressure and direction of the control valve, its output flow and pressure can not be affected by load changes.

    Compared with ordinary hydraulic components, proportional valve has the following characteristics:

    (1) The electrical signal is easy to transmit and can easily realize the remote control.

    (2) Can continuously and proportionally control the pressure and flow of the hydraulic system, realize the control of the position, speed and force of the actuator, and can reduce the impact of pressure transformation.

    (3) Can be reduced the number of components and simplified the tube number. 

    Typical Applications: Ventilators, Oxygenerator/Reservoirs, Anesthesia Delivery & Monitors,Gas chromatography, Pressure and Flow Control etc.

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