Pinch Valve is made up of two parts: the upper side is the body, and the lower side is the connection that can hold the pipe. Keyto pinch valve has three series. The mainly different is the port size. The port size means the pipe diameter you want to use.

In addition to port size, we have many functions to choose from. like single port or dual port, and different installations and different voltages to meet your unique needs.

Types of Pinch Valves

Pinch Valve 1212
Pinch Valve 1212
The 1212 solenoid valve is a 3-way pinch valve designed for top-notch performance and efficiency. This cutting-edge valve boasts a long lifespan and low internal volume, making it perfect for applications that demand precision and reliability.
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Pinch Valve 1213
Pinch Valve 1213
Double Channel Pinch Valve, the medium only resists in the tube and little cross contamination, tube size recommend: 1.5mm*3mm/1.6mm*3.2mm.
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Pinch Valve 1224
Pinch Valve 1224
Single Channel Pinch Valve, the medium only resists in the tube and little cross contamination, tube size recommend: 2mm*4mm.
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Pinch Valve 1269
Pinch Valve 1269
Single Channel Pinch Valve, the medium only resists in the tube and little cross contamination, tube size recommend: 6mm*9mm.
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Pinch Valves Advantages

  • 1

    The hose of solenoid pinch valve is easily cleaned, ideally for testing impurity sample, waste discharge.

  • 2

    Our pinch solenoid valve is suitable for inspecting samples contain impurities / particles or not.

  • 3

    Our biochem pinch valve can be applied in occasion which need to avoid cross contamination between samples.

What is a pinch valve used for?

Keytos' pinch solenoid valve uses are as follows:

Keyto mainly offers the series 1224, 1213 and 1269 pinch solenoid valves. The pinch solenoid valves are typically used in applications such as the discharge of samples containing impurities (especially flocculent impurities) or particles, the pre-treatment of water samples, electrolyte instrumentation, and the pharmaceutical industry. The 1269 series of pinch solenoid valves are mainly used in the environmental industry.

What is a pinch valve used for?

Pinch Valve Working

The working principle of a pinch valve, specifically a micro pinch valve or miniature pinch valve, is based on the concept of pinching and releasing a flexible tube to control the flow of fluids. Pinch valves are commonly used in various industries, including medical applications.

A micro pinch valve consists of a flexible tube made of materials such as silicone or elastomers. The valve body comprises a housing that holds and supports the tubing. At the heart of the valve is the pinch mechanism, which is typically actuated by a pinch solenoid valve or a similar actuator.

When the pinch solenoid valve is energized, it applies force to the tube, pinching it shut and sealing off the flow of fluids. This prevents any passage of fluids through the tube. Conversely, when the solenoid valve is de-energized, the force is released, and the tube reverts to its natural position, allowing the fluid to flow freely.

This working principle offers several advantages, especially in medical applications, as it provides a complete seal when the valve is closed, ensuring no leakage or cross-contamination. It also eliminates the need for additional sealing components, such as gaskets or O-rings.

Micro pinch valves are known for their compact size, precision, and reliability. They are particularly suitable for applications where space is limited, or when precise control of fluids is required, such as in medical devices or diagnostic equipment.

In summary, a micro pinch valve operates by pinching and releasing a flexible tube through the activation of a pinch solenoid valve. This mechanism allows for precise control and shut-off of fluid flow, making it an ideal choice for various industries, including medical applications.

Pinch Valve For Tubing

A pinch valve is a type of control valve that operates by employing a pinching action to either close or open the flow of fluid or gas through a full bore or fully ported passage. A solenoid pinch valve, on the other hand, is a device that is operated by a solenoid, specifically designed to electronically open and close tubes to control the flow of liquids or gases.

By energizing the solenoid, the plunger is either retracted or attracted, thereby either opening or closing the flexible tube. This type of pinch soleniod valve is particularly well-suited for applications that require frequent changes to the flow path because only the easily replaceable tubing comes into contact with the flowing media.

Our solenoid pinch valves are designed with reliability and versatility in mind. With their efficient operation and precise control, they are suitable for various industries and applications that demand accurate flow regulation. From pharmaceutical manufacturing to industrial processes, these valves ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of contamination.

The advantage of our pinch solenoid valves lies in their easy installation and maintenance. The replaceable tubing simplifies maintenance procedures, allowing for quick replacement and minimizing downtime. With their robust construction and durability, pinch valve selenoid can handle a wide range of fluids and provide long-lasting performance.

Choose our solenoid pinch valves to experience efficient flow control and enhance your operational processes. Benefit from their reliable performance, versatile application, and easy maintenance. Take control of your flow with our innovative solenoid pinch valves today.

Why Choose Keyto As Your Pinch Valve Supplier?

When it comes to pinch valves, Keyto is the preferred manufacturer and supplier in the industry. With our extensive production capabilities and dedication to innovation, we offer a wide range of high-quality pinch valves to cater to diverse needs.

  • Production Capabilities: As pinch valve manufacturers, we have full control over the production process, ensuring superior quality and reliable performance in every valve we deliver. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced manufacturing technologies enable us to meet bulk orders efficiently and effectively.

  • Customization: We understand that each application has unique requirements. That's why we offer customization options for our pinch valves. Whether it's modifying dimensions, materials, or adding specific features, we can tailor our valves to meet your specific needs.

  • Comprehensive Product Range: Our extensive product range includes automatic pinch valves, solenoid pinch valves, miniature solenoid pinch valves, and more. This variety ensures that we have the right valve for your application, regardless of size, fluid type, or industry.

  • Stringent Quality Control: We prioritize reliability and durability in our pinch valves. We implement stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that our valves meet and exceed industry standards. This attention to detail ensures consistent performance and longevity.

  • Efficient Shipping: We have established a reliable logistics network to ensure prompt and secure delivery of our pinch valves. With our efficient shipping processes, we strive to deliver your orders on time, minimizing any disruptions to your operations.

  • Excellent Customer Support: We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any inquiries, technical support, or after-sales service, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience.

Choose Keyto as your pinch valve supplier and experience our advantages in production capabilities, customization options, comprehensive product range, stringent quality control, efficient shipping, and excellent customer support. Trust in our expertise and rely on our pinch valves for precise flow control in any industry or application.

FAQs of Pinch Valves

  • Can a solenoid pinch valve regulate flow?

    The solenoid pinch valve cannot be used to regulate flow because it is only available in two states, fully open or fully close, and the degree of opening cannot be adjusted at will.

  • How doe s a pinch solenoid valve stop flow?

    Two types of solenoid pinch valves are available: N.C. and N.O. 

    Normally open valve(N.O.): the solenoid is powered to drive the pressure plate action, then the pressure plate clamps hose tightly, so as to stop the flow. Normally open valve(N.C.): the initial state of a normally close valve is that of a stop-flow, and the stop-flow principle is the same as that of a normally open valve. The difference is that normally open valve stops flow when powered on and normally closed valve stops flow when powered off.

  • What are the components of solenoid pinch valve?

    Main components of the solenoid pinch valve: solenoid, valve body, spring, moving iron core, hose pressure plate, mounting plate.

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