• What are microfluidic devices used for?

    Microfluidics is a systems which can process and handle small quantities of fluid paths by using very small channels (Dimensions at the microscale, typically tens to hundreds of micrometres).

    The Micrdfludic device and technology is applied to many fields for saving money and time spent in research, such as biology, chemistry, drug delivery, cosmetics and food.

  • What is control fluid?

    Fluid control is to use various control elements of fluid (various pumps, valves, oil cylinders) and hydraulic system accessories (filters, pipeline joints, liquid level gauges, pressure instruments, etc.) to form a closed control loop for automatic control.

  • What is the main function of solenoid valve?

    Solenoid valve is an automatic fundamental element used to control fluid. It belongs to an actuator and is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. It is used to adjust the direction, flow rate, speed, and other parameters of the medium in the industrial control system.

    Solenoid valves are divided into three principal categories: 1. Direct acting solenoid valves; 2. Step by step direct acting solenoid valve; 3. Pilot-operated solenoid valve;

  • What are liquid handling instruments?

    Liquid Handling instrments or liquild Handling automation Station, which is a top critical instrument for various industries’s lab process optimization, like ELISA, time-resolved fluorescence, nucleic acid preparation, PCR setup, next-generation sequencing for genomic research, TLC spotting, SPE, liquid–liquid extraction, drug discovery, forensics, materials science, molecular biology, clinical research, and pharmaceutical development.

  • What is the purpose of a diaphragm pump?

    The main function is through the motor diaphragm reciprocating movement to achieve gas suction and discharge.

  • Is customer intellectual property protection protected by rights and interests?

    Keyto can sign an NDA agreement between the two parties before cooperation based on customer needs. Customer customized information is strictly confidential from product drawings, BOMs, and physical products by setting up random customer codes. At the same time, all keyto office computers are installed with encryption software to ensure that all data and information are encrypted and processed, and external distribution and leakage are prohibited.

  • How is the R&D strength of Keyto's products?

    Keyto's R&D strength: R&D centers have been established in both Shenzhen and Chengdu. Senior R&D talents and mid to senior engineers account for 60% of the team, while R&D laboratory personnel and technicians account for 30%. Keyto has four complete and reliable laboratories. At the same time, it has over 80 independent research and development patents, and new projects are applying for patents every year.

  • How does Keyto ensure product quality?

    Regarding quality: Keyto Quality Center has an independent reliability testing laboratory. Conduct multi-dimensional reliability verification tests on machinery, environment, lifespan, performance, and other aspects throughout the year. Ensure the safe and reliable use of the product in various environments and conditions. At the same time, through various electronic data platforms such as PDM, ERP, MES, SVN, etc., the entire process data is effectively entered and updated, ensuring the traceability of the entire product production process.

  • How is the production and processing strength of Keyto?

    Keyto Production Center covers a total area of approximately 6800 square meters, and the Machining Center covers an area of approximately 5000 square meters, with over 2000 manufacturing and machining equipment. Served nearly 5000 customers both domestically and internationally. Production and machining are widely used in many popular industries such as medical devices, environmental testing instruments, laboratory instruments, industrial automation, and automobiles, with excellent and stable operation and excellent reputation in the IVD industry.

  • Do Keyto products accept customization?

    Accept. Support deep customization services for multiple varieties and small batches, support customers to issue forcases in advance, and after the contract is signed, the production and sales team quickly organizes requirements, analyzes materials, schedules production, arranges shipment, and tracks logistics to ensure rapid delivery and response, and customers timely understand the project and product status.

  • How long does it take for Keyto products to be shipped after placing an order?

    The sample delivery time is around 4-6 weeks. The delivery cycle of batch products is determined based on the specific situation of different projects.

  • How many language services can Keyto provide?

    Currently, Keyto can provide communication services in five languages: Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Korean, and Hindi.

  • What is the warranty period for Keyto products?

    18 months. If there are any product quality issues within 18 days after receiving the product, please contact us for after-sales service. info@keyto.com

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