A stepping motor drives the metering pump to ensure the smoothness of the movement. The moving pair is an imported joint ball bearing with high life. The quantitative suction and discharge of liquid are realized by driving the number of rotating turns of the stepping motor.

Types of Metering Pump

High Precision Metering Pump 5JXX
High Precision Metering Pump 5JXX
The metering pump is driven by a step motor to ensure the smoothness of movement. The moving pair is an imported joint ball bearing. The quantitative aspiration and dispense of the liquid are realized by driving the rotation of the step motor.
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What is the Function of a Metering Pump?

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    Metering pump (dosing pump) is a precision sample adding pump independently developed by Keyto. Its primary function is to achieve accurate quantitative filling of liquid. 

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    The metering pump bracket and its transmission structure are compact and have high suction and discharge fluid accuracy and aspiration and dispense liquid accuracy. The aspiration and dispense fluid range varies with different plunger diameters.

Metering Pump VS Centrifugal Pump

The differences of metering pump and centrifugal pump are as follows:

The peristaltic pump uses a rotating roller to squeeze the hose to transport liquid. Because the liquid only flows in the hose, has no contact with the pump head, does not produce cross contamination, and has high conveying accuracy and small shearing effect, it is widely used in the chemical industry, environmental protection, scientific research, pharmacy, beverage, food, printing, and other fields.

The flow of metering pump is adjusted by rotating the adjusting handwheel to drive the adjusting screw to turn to change the distance between bow connecting rods and the movement stroke of plunger (piston) in the pump chamber to determine the flow. The scale of the adjusting handwheel determines the plunger stroke, so the pump has excellent performance. The diaphragm metering pump is not easy to leak, with high safety performance and accurate metering.

Metering Pump VS Centrifugal Pump

FAQs of Metering Pump

  • Is a metering pump a centrifugal pump?

    With each of its strokes, a metering pump, a type of reciprocating pump, releases a precise volume of liquid via positive displacement. A wheel and worm shaft are used to change the pump's rotational motion into reciprocating motion.

  • What type of pump is a metering pump?

    Metering pump, also known as dose pump, dosing pump, is a positive displacement pump that is designed to inject a chemical or another substance into a stream of water, gas or steam. Metering pumps are typically small and provide extremely precise flow rates for maximum control. They provide the foundation of a comprehensive metering system made for automated chemical dispersion. They are pumps made to measure flow control and deliver precise fluid volumes. Metering pumps can now pump a wide range of liquids, including corrosives, acids, and bases, as well as slurries and viscous liquids, with extreme accuracy.

  • Are metering pumps self priming?

    A control pump used for quantitative liquid dosage is the metering pump. It can self-prime while being transported, preventing the liquid in the suction pipe from backflowing, and allowing for an automated and speedy start of the metering pump.

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