• air displacement pipette principle
  • air displacement pipetting cycle
  • negative displacement pipette
  • sadp 18 01
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  • air displacement pipette principle
  • air displacement pipetting cycle
  • negative displacement pipette
  • sadp 18 01
  • sadp 18 02

Air Displacement Pipette SADP18

SADP (Superb Air Displacement Pipette) is a pipetting module developed by Keyto based on pneumatic aspiration and dispensing technology with disposable tips for pipetting, which supports automatic aspiration and dispense in the range of 5μL to 1000μL with different sizes of tips. Keyto SADP provides a fast and reliable mechanical adaptor module, as well as common communication interfaces, which is applicable for integration in pipetting platforms that are sensitive to cross-contamination, as well as in the pipetting units of inspection equipment. SADP provides a reliable and high-performance pipetting module for all types of equipment.


Specifications of Air Displacement Pipette SP18

Maximum displacement volume(μL)


Liquid level detection

Pressure-Based Detection



Tip volume

Filtered Tip
Compatible with volume of 10μL/50μL/200μL/1000μL



Communication protocol

RS 232, RS 485, CAN

Driver design

Core-less brush-less step-motor without encoder,
stepper motor integration with ball screw rod

Medium temperature


Power requirement


Anticipated life

1,000,000 Cycles

Cylinder type:Piston

Note: Please kindly reach out to our sales team for design and specification final clarification and confirmation.

Reasons to Buy Keyto Air Displacement Pipette SP18

  • 01
    Unique mechanical structure

    This pipette has a unique mechanical structure that allows multiple air displacement pipettes to be used in conjunction with each other, and the loading of disposable tips allows 18 mm tip-to-tip center spacing, which greatly increases pipetting velocity.

  • 02
    With a excellent-performance drive control unit

    The pipette is equipped with a excellent-performance drive control unit and provides CAN, RS232 and RS485 communication interface and the corresponding protocol, allowing the SADP to be easily and quickly applied by the host computer.

  • 03
    With powerful sensors and algorithms

    The pipette is equipped with powerful sensors and algorithms, which can be applied to all kinds of reagents as well as high-speed liquid level detection in high humidity environment, shielding the interference of liquid film, while supporting the function of sample clot detection.

  • 04
    Allows for automatic tip pick-ups and ejection

    This pipette allows for automatic tip pick-ups and ejection, as well as tip drop detection.

  • 05
    Without maintenance

    Advanced cylinder machining technology, strict inspection procedures, and unique sealing solutions, which ensure that the cylinder's service life can reach more than 1 million cycles without maintenance.

  • 06
    Lightweight and convenient

    This pipette is designed to be lightweight and convenient, weighing no more than 400g per pipette.

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