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  • sd61 2 way 1
  • sd61 2 way 1 2
  • sd61 2 way 5
  • sd61 2 way 7
  • sd61 2 way 4
  • sd61 2 way 6
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SD61 2-Way Miniature Valve

Keyto's new SD61 miniature valve is compressed to a thickness of 6mm with significantly refined technology and craftsmanship. Despite its compact and exquisite appearance, its capabilities are far from underestimated. The SD61 boasts remarkable compatibility, allowing integration with valve assemblies, syringepumps, and bonded manifolds. In the aging test, its life span has exceeded nearly ten million times, and it can withstand all kinds of weak acid and alkali media. Furthermore, it also has a small orifice, second only to proportional valves. The advantages of minimal space occupancy, fast response, small internal diameter, and small influence on fluidic system fluctuations are definitely your best choice.

Specifications Selection Table

Feature of SD61 2-Way Miniature Valve

  • Structural feature: two-way 

  • Small dead volume: no dead volume inside the solenoid valve; 

  • Multiple options for wetted part material: Diaphragm material: FFKM, EPDM Valve body material: PEEK 

  • Long lifetime and high performance. 

  • Small volume.

Specifications of SD61 2-Way Miniature Valve

Valve structureDirect acting diaphragm valve
Valve typeTwo-way
Number of ports2
Passage diameter1.0mm
Flow CV value0.012
Applicable mediaWater, air, weak acids, weak alkalis (selected according to the needs
of the medium, strong acids and bases and the factory to communicate
specific specifications)
Application temperature5℃~80℃
Pressure resistance (in -
Leakage volume0
Response time<25ms
dead product0
Voltage fluctuation
From - 10% to +10%
Power24V:2W; 12V:2W

Note: Please contact our technical staff for any outstanding issues and special applications.






Reason to buy SD61 2-Way Miniature Valve

  • 01
    Coil "Heat Dissipation

    Thinning implies a reduction in coil size, which may lead to a decrease in the thermal performance of the motor. To solve this problem, new thermal management techniques need to be developed, such as: more efficient heat dissipation configurations or auxiliary materials that can withstand higher temperatures.

  • 02
    Mini but reliable

    Thinning can lead to a decrease in product life and reliability. Smaller wire diameters and coil shapes have been developed to maintain product performance and life, and the manufacturing process requires more advanced measuring instruments and finer assembly techniques to meet the quality control requirements of miniaturization.

  • 03
    Practical and Versatile!

    Versatile integration and broad compatibility

    Integrated with syringe pump

    The SD61 is a "small" valve that can be integrated into a syringe pump for applications that require a solenoid valve syringe pump.

  • 04
    Integrated Bonding

    Smaller bonding runners

    The corresponding valve channel opening diameter is only “1 millimeter”

  • 05
    Integrated manifolds

    SD61 valve assembly can be integrated into a "2-16 manifold"

    Occupying less space compared to other valve assemblies 

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