Focus on Keyto: Class of 2023 College Graduates Have Successfully Completed Their Onboarding Training

Onboarding training for college graduates


From July 17th to 31st, 2023, our company conducted the 2023 University Graduates' Onboarding Training. The training covered a comprehensive range of courses, including physical military training, corporate culture, safety education, operational systems, product knowledge, regulations, professional ethics, and career planning.

Opening Ceremony


At the opening ceremony, Mr. Yang, the Director of Human Resources and Administration, extended a warm welcome to the students joining the Keyto family. The ceremony included an oath-taking ceremony, the completion of wish cards, the distribution of welcome gifts, an introduction to the training program, training discipline, and assessment requirements. During this process, graduate employees introduced themselves individually, formed teams, selected team leaders, and assistant team leaders to prepare for the upcoming training.

Mr. Yang stated, "Training is not the ultimate goal; instead, we hope that through this brief training, you will undergo a transformation in your roles, enhance teamwork, strengthen your understanding of the company, and improve self-management skills. We want you to enter your future work with a more professional outlook."

Physical Training

Following the opening ceremony, the company organized a two-day physical military training for the new employees. During this training, everyone displayed high spirits and wholeheartedly participated. Dressed in military attire, they appeared particularly vigorous in the sunlight, with upright postures and determined gazes, embodying the power of youth. This process transformed "I" into "us".

The scorching sun failed to dampen their spirits, and their youthfulness did not compromise their composure and focus. Military training not only taught them military drills and formations but also instilled discipline as solid as a mountain, a sense of responsibility within the team, perseverance, and team consciousness. Although the training was brief, it was invaluable, allowing the new "Keyto people" to enter their work and life with improved spirits.

Safety Education


To establish a strong awareness of safety boundaries and a "bottom line" mentality among graduate employees, our company arranged for them to watch safety education videos, which covered safety knowledge, precautions, information security, and prevention of telecom fraud.

Furthermore, to enhance their ability to respond to and manage sudden fire incidents, and to master the correct use of fire-fighting equipment effectively, we provided specialized training in fire safety.

The training included explanations on how to use fire-fighting equipment and extinguishers during fire emergencies, with live demonstrations of various fire-fighting tools and their functions.

Walk Into Keyto

Before formally entering their positions, we organized orientation courses for graduate employees to help them quickly adapt to the work environment. These courses covered topics such as the company's history, organizational structure, departmental functions, an overview of research and development, manufacturing processes, machining systems, quality control systems, marketing, supply chain, product knowledge, and company regulations.

The courses featured presentations from department heads, who used various methods to deliver their content, including graphic presentations, video demonstrations, group simulations, and interactive Q&A sessions.


In topics related to practical work, such as products and their applications, production and processing, participants engaged in scenario rehearsals and technical discussions on how to apply their academic knowledge to real-world tasks. When it came to understanding differences and commonalities between departments, participants engaged in simulated exchanges on how to collaborate effectively across various departments.

Professional Competence


This training also included courses on workplace etiquette, transitioning to a professional role, effective communication skills, workplace expression, handling workplace stress and emotional management, time management, and career planning.

The purpose of these courses was to help graduate employees better adapt to workplace culture and improve their interpersonal skills, enabling them to excel in their job tasks and advance in their careers.

Outward Bound


In addition to the informative theoretical courses, the company organized outdoor team-building activities, including a 15-kilometer hiking excursion along the Wutong Greenway (featuring scenic, orchard, and riverside routes) and a culinary competition in the Fenghuangshan Farmyard.

During these activities, various team cooperation tasks were set up, requiring employees to collaborate and work together to complete them.

Through these tasks, employees gained a deeper understanding of the importance of teamwork, developed team awareness, discovered their potential, improved leadership skills, and enhanced emotional intelligence.

Camping Ceremony


At the closing ceremony, Chairman Zhang Cheng, along with course instructors and job mentors, attended the event and awarded graduate employees with a career starter fund of 25,000 RMB, outstanding individual honors, and certificates of completion. This encouraged everyone to strive for excellence in their future work and life.

Talent is the cornerstone of a company's development, and Keyto regards talent as its most valuable asset in the journey of innovation. "Building an excellent and strong talent team" is a long-term strategic goal that we are committed to implementing.

In the future, Keyto will continue to refine its talent development system, establish effective long-term incentive mechanisms, and actively stimulate employees' innovative capabilities through practical actions. We aim to unite our workforce and enhance the company's overall competitiveness through hard work and tangible results, thereby achieving sustainable development.