Focusing on Keyto: The "Control" within Microliter

This is the smallest control, but also the most powerful control.

Recently, in the exclusive interview column of the "Becoming a 'Little Giant'" program held on the Guangdong Economy and Science Education Channel, Mr. Zhang, our chairman , was invited to an exclusive interview.

Mr. Zhang said, "Sometimes, we think about the value of a company's existence. It is to create value for your customers. By using my core components, I can bring additional competitiveness to your products and systems."

Mr. Zhang also said, "In any field, in any market, as long as you do enough, you will reflect your core. There is no good or bad path, only what is suitable for yourself, or what you choose and insist on."

"As a specialized company in the field of microfluidic control, Mr. Zhang, with his exceptional leadership and pioneering spirit, is leading the company in breaking through technological monopolies in the market. Going from 0 to 1 and then to 100, the pursuit of achieving excellence is not only the initial intention but also the vision for continuous growth.

While we enjoy the benefits of technological advancements and the convenience they bring, we look forward to more outstanding entrepreneurs joining the path of technological growth, collectively driving the progress of our country's technological capabilities.

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