Caring for Employees · Caring for Health: Keyto 2023 Employee Physical Examinations Successfully Completed


To effectively ensure the physical health of employees, enhance corporate cohesion, create a safe and healthy working environment, and advocate the corporate spirit of "caring for employees, caring for health", we organized the annual free health check-up for employees on September 9, 2023.

In accordance with the previous years' employee health check-up procedures, the Human Resources Department made advance plans and developed detailed examination plans and vehicle arrangements based on actual circumstances such as safety production and disease prevention, to ensure the safety of employees' travel and the smooth conduct of all affairs during the examination.


In this year's health check-up, the company tailored the examination projects more closely to employees based on their age, gender, marital status, and physical condition. In addition to basic items such as blood and urine tests, electrocardiograms, liver and kidney function tests, blood lipids, organ color Doppler ultrasounds, DR cervical lateral films, and dental visits, additional projects like myocarditis screening, chest CT scans, carotid artery color Doppler ultrasounds, thyroid function tests, and tumor screening were added.


Employees who participated in the examination said, "The process of the health check-up is well-planned, with detailed and comprehensive plans. We can deeply feel the warmth and care from the company. We also appreciate the company's care and concern for employees, allowing us to have a deep understanding of our own physical health conditions."


Regular health check-ups are very important for everyone. They are not only responsible for oneself, but also responsible for the people around us, the safe operation of the company, and the society. Employees can truly feel a sense of security and belonging in the Keyto family, further enhancing the cohesion and centripetal force of the entire team, and injecting strong momentum into the company's continuous and steady development!