Keyto take part in CMEF2023

On May 14th, the 87th China International Medical Device and Design and Manufacturing Technology Expo (CMEF&ICMD) was grandly opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center in 2023.

The theme of this CMEF is "Innovative Technology, Smart Leadership for the Future." Based in China, with a global perspective, it has built a "carrier level" medical event platform with cutting-edge industry and global perspectives. On the opening day, there were a sea of people on site, becoming a weather vane for the medical device industry in the context of comprehensive economic recovery.

Keyto adheres to the core concept of "focusing on fluid technology and growing towards the future," symbolizing Keyto's sustainable development philosophy of technology focus and continuous growth, responding to the constantly changing challenges and opportunities of the future market, and coinciding with the theme of "Innovative Technology, Smart Leading the Future" at this exhibition.

Our company's products at this exhibition include micro electromagnetic valves, precision plunger pumps, syringe components, diaphragm pumps, metering pumps, manifold manifolds, ADP pneumatic pipettes, multi-way rotary valves and fluid integration system modules, precision unique machining parts, molds and injection molding, gene and filling system solutions, etc. The continuous flow of people on site has attracted many visitors from all over the world to observe and explore.

Among them, the first launch of the gene sequencing fluid system solution is viral. After years of customer testing, technological precipitation, and iteration, the injection pump, manifold, and ultra-micro electromagnetic valve series products have become very mature and stable. They are one of the leading competitive manufacturers worldwide. Up to now, many domestic and foreign professional audiences have gathered on-site to experience and negotiate cooperation personally.

In addition, this year, our company has also launched new customized products for molds and injection molding. To meet this product's market leadership and business expansion, our company has fully acquired an old brand enterprise with ten years of experience in the automotive industry, molds, and injection molding. We have also passed the IATF16949 automotive industry quality management system certification and ISO13485 medical industry quality management system certification. We welcome new and old customers to the booth to experience and negotiate on-site.